Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's Next?!

  For the past 5 months I've been working hard on the production of the game. But all that has been brought to a grinding halt because of 2 different things. First, I had a computer failure, that I was spending the time to repair, during that time I was not using the PC for no more then 2 hours a day. When I had finished to repair my work station computer, I was so happy and started working on the new content of the game, I also  indulged in some gaming. To my dismay I discovered a new problem.
  Over the course of the last 5 months I had been getting headaches, sharp pains behind my eyes, sore shoulders and back. I didn't know what exactly was causing this, I believed that it was due to over working at the schools and the very dry environment that I'd been working in. This only turned out to be part of the slightly larger problem. I was dragging my eyes through the dirt, I was spending hour upon hour working on a computer, without any rest. I have subsequently developed a sensitivity to the glare and constant shifting from screen to documents and screen to environments. Now I can barely spend 2 hours straight looking at a screen without feeling a headache and or a sharp pain behind my eyes. 
  I noticed this during the time when my computer was offline, and when the computer was back up and running, so was my headaches and problems. So as I said in the beginning of this post I have brought my production to a grinding halt. That is until I get a pair of computer glasses. I am currently searching for the best pair that suits me. I've checked my vision, and I do not have near or far sightedness. I just need glasses to use the computer. I do not wish to get Glaucoma, so I will do everything I can to prevent that from happening. Game production will continue after acquiring my new glasses.
  Game release date will now be moved to TBA(To Be Announced) I can not say exactly when release will be. I am but one man carving away at a mountain. So it will be finished when its finished. For sure in 2012.

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