Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New and Shiny

Well, for the last 2 hours, I've been pouring over the RPG code of the game and after taking pieces of it, and stitching it together with my new code, I've finally completed the first part of my games new RPG/Platformer hybrid game engine. (That's a mouth full)
There is still a lot needing to be done, but at least the first half of the engine is together. I have the Platforming engine built, the only thing left to do is to test the two engines, once the code that connects them has been complete. This time around I will take my time, and address all the problems that I find in the games code.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Updates updates updates

Well, work on Where Are You? is back in full swing. I am getting my games foundations ready for the actual game build. That's right, the game is coming out of concept/prototype stage, and going into full production. To start off construction The levels in the IGF demo are being stripped and all sprites being build from the ground up. I haven't gotten any support from the community because all I've been posting on is facebook and twitter, and you know how reliable those sorts of people can be.
In other news I've entered Where Are You? into the IndieCade, this is a great opportunity to show off my creation, and get some real feedback. To help me get started on my feedback and testing, I've joined the tigsource forums for Indie Devs and have already started to get more assistance, then I could have dreamed of. Well that's all for now from me. If you want to try an updated version of the game that was updated Feb 20 in preparation to full production, click the link marked demo.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Red Sun Games Self-Kickstarter. Take a look.

  Well, it's finally here, Red Sun Games has started its self-kickstarter. For those who haven't heard of kickstarters please check out (brief summary of It's a website devoted to allowing people to show off what they are working on, and giving everyone the chance to back projects that interest them. Kickstarter is not an international organization as of yet, and what that means is I can't start this on kickstarters :( 
Anyway back to what's important, the game "Where Are You?" Hopefully it will see the light of day sooner then later, providing that you the people are interested in supporting such a project. Take a look here and better acquaint yourself with the game. 

Now that you've gotten better acquainted take a look at this. Where Are You? was in the IGF and though it didn't become a finalist amd gain fame and glory like the other entries have, I want to develop the game nonetheless. For anyone wanting to try before you buy as it were, you can try the demo link over here >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
    My goal with this self-kickstarter is to raise $4000. This is to give the game the base funding to get it started and rolling. 
   The game was scheduled to be released back in January but due to production issues and then hardware issues the game was shelved. Now that I have blown off all the dust and looked over the code base, I have deemed this project do able. I will start from scratch with a new clean build of the game and fresh original sprites. Please take the time and watch this video if you are in need of any more information. 
                                         This is a must watch. The Self-Kickstarter Video.

For those wanting to donate here are your donation options:

$5 Gets your name in the credits 

$10 Gets you a drm free version of the game and the above option.

$15 Gets you a you in the game. This means I will make you a civilian npc with your name. Plus all the above options. 

$20 Gets you 2 post cards with original art from the game and all the above options.

$50 Gets you a custom made magnet of one of the in game characters. Plus all of the above options. 

If you are feeling so inclined to donate more please contact me with the amount and I will let you know what your benefit package will be. Also please note that if your backer package includes a physical item i.e. post card or magnet please include $4 more dollars for shipping. 

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or comments at
Also if you like this please follow Red Sun Games on Facebook

Thank you for your time and support. Let's make dreams happen!! 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do it yourself Kickstarter is on the way.

  Well, after writing my last post no less than 4 hours ago, I've decided to put together my own Kickstarter video to showcase my indie studio, my games and my hopes. Look for the video in the next day or two.
  Games to be talked about will be Where Are You? and the new game Journey To The Center. 
This is for real, and if you are interested in bringing these two games to life please stay tuned.

If reading this post has already gotten you interested in helping out, please by all means donate and your contribution will help, plus if you watch the video and read the next blog post you will find out just what you will receive as a benefactor.  


Monday, March 12, 2012

So let's see what's new.

    Lots to do and lots of time to do it in... Wait a minute... Let me say that again. I'm starting a new project and if you've been following my facebook and possible my twitter you might have seen my info on this new project. First of all my first game Where Are You? has been shelved, for the time being, as I've looking at the mountain of work to be done just to the existing code... All I can say is Oh My GOD!! it's horrendous. I also lack a certain expertise in the field of coding to be able to go through and fix everything, because of this I have decided to shelve it for now and come back to it when my coding skills can do it justice. 
   Now you might be asking yourself what am I going to do in the meantime? Well the answer is simple, start a new game. I am currently working on a new title right now. The game itself is still in early stages and I have only had the time to do the animations for the main character. Here are some screens for some movement tests. 

                             As you can see my character resembles a cross between builder bob and Mario.

                                                                   And he falls to his death
   The game is a fairly simple platformer with some minecraft, puzzle, and Mario elements added in.
This games code base is easy for me to work with and I don't have any conflicts with RPG elements, like I had with Where Are You? With this game I will be taking it slow and working very carefully on all the elements of the game. I want to put out a game that looks good, but also plays good. I will be making a new indieDB profile for this game and I will be posting pictures and updates there, and of course here as well. 
In other news I am planning on building a sound recording room for recording the narration, dialog and sound effects for the game. This will be a fairly simple process and after reading about the closet adventures of the Bastion sound producer I thought about doing a similar thing, but since I do not have a large enough closet for recording purposes I have decided to build a budget sound room. 

The last piece of news was my disappointment that does not host international projects that are not based in the US. What I was happy to find out was Kickstarter will open their site up to international projects later this year. 

Well that's all for the updates from me. I will be keeping the blog more up to date on this, and other projects that are in the pipeline.
 Bye for now.