Monday, May 30, 2011

Lights Camera Action!

We have lift off!! The website is in full swing, and we have a working RSS feed in iTunes as well as 2 episodes of an enjoyable podcast. I would say that we are doing very well. I feel like a movie star. All though I don't think a lot of people have listened to our cast yet. I am hoping that it does become popular. Perhaps we should ask people to submit their responses to questions that we pose to them. Let the good times roll!!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Blogger is back up and running

Google Blogger was down for 2 days, now it's back and our blog is back up and running.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Our official website has just opened up. At the moment it is small but slowly we will be building it up with new and exciting content. Enjoy and keep up the gaming.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Big Thanks and a little bit of news

Thank you Amanda Vogt for being a great co host on the first episode of the podcast. I look forward to doing more casts with you in the future. Our RSS feed has been submitted to iTunes and hopefully will be accepted for distribution on iTunes. I am thinking to also release a JpTechGamer NewsCast  once a week to bring you the latest and greatest in gaming. This would be the news that we don't cover in the main cast. Stay tuned for that.
The JpTechGamer main website is nearly up and running. I will post the URL in a few days when the final touches to the site have been finished.

Episode 1 is here

The JpTechGamer Cast has been released! Please bare with us as we are new at this. A big thank you to Amanda Vogt for co hosting with me. Hope you enjoy! Any suggestions please post in the comments or the forum.

JpTechGamer #1 let there be game

Monday, May 9, 2011

Recording has finally started for our Podcast!

The JpTechGamer Cast has finally started recording today. Stay tuned for episode one to be released along with the episodes notes. Please bare with me as this first cast is being done solo and my co-host will be joining me in episode 2. I'm very excited to finally get to record and put together my very first podcast about games and tech. Hell!! It's about time!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Frustration that is Portal

I love Portal. I think that if you ask any gamer they will say that Portal is a refreshing step back from the typical FPS. Last night though, I wanted to through my PC out the window due to the frustration of the Challenges in Portal.
Let me draw a picture of what happened last night for me. First I was thinking about getting all the radio signal achievement and found that to be fun until I came to the level where the radio is in a little room with 2 timed doors. Now when I first played through Portal in 2007 I never tried to get myself trapped in that room because their were no walls for you to put a portal on and so I didn't know that Glados was going to open a trap door to let me out. Instead I spent one and a half hours trying to time it so I can grab the radio and jump out... This of course did not work :( Every time I attempted to do this I was crushed in a door. Needless to say when I was at my wits end I locked myself in the room and discovered that Glados was already prepared  for that stupidity. After that I just threw in the towel.
The game is frustrating but also enjoyable enough that the frustration wont stop me from playing through to the end.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

About Gaming!

  This last week I have been playing through Portal not Portal 2, just Portal. I have to say that game still holds up today. It is fun, challenging and amazingly relaxing to play. I played through Portal for the first time in 2007 and was blown away by that game back then. With the recent release of Portal 2 and my personal decision to play through my steam collection I have decided to slow down and enjoy my stay in Portal. I have to say it is a real refreshing game to play. I played 2 hours of AaaaaaAAA... A reckless disregard for gravity and I was getting so frustrated that I wanted to punch my laptop. All I did was stop playing that and jumped into Portal that was a real good way to release gamer stress. I am still playing through Portal and probably will be for a little while longer but I have to say I am getting excited to jump into Portal 2 once I've finished this riveting adventure through Aperture Science.Portals Homepage

About the other game AaaaaAAAA.... well you know what game I mean. I finished that game in about 2 hours of play time. It was a fun all be it frustrating experience, I do recommend this game to anyone who likes skydiving or better yet cliff diving. This game is fun and sure beats the hell out of PilotWings!! AaaAAAaahomepage

Tokyo Games Show TGS

We are thinking to go to TGS this year and give you the scoops on the games that are in development. Stay tuned for more details.

We are doing a Steam List play through

We will be posting about the games we are playing from our Steams 116 games, and posting our thoughts about those games. Stay tuned to see what we say about the games you can find on Steam.