Sunday, October 30, 2011

4th and hopefully final revision.

Today October 31st I finished the 4th revision of the IGF demo. I have also finished making a quick video trailer of the game. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

There is still hope... FINALLY!!

I finally fixed the collision in the RPG part of the game. Now the main character wont bounce off of everything. This means that the 4th revision of the IGF entry will have the RPG elements of the game. God I hope I'm not to late for this revision.

Tomorrow I will be editing every RPG element in the game to incorporate proper collision. Please Please God let this be quick and painless.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Working hard on new content until I saw this.

So yesterday was my son and his friends birthday party. We had a blast and so did the kids. Today is another day of work on tweaking mechanics, and, well trying to make the game better. That was until I saw this.
Now all I want to do is play StarCraft II. 
In other news I noticed my private You Tube feed had been watched by 7 views. This feed was for the IGF so I imagine the judges have taken a look at my game. I hope I still have a chance to update it some more. 

Friday, October 21, 2011

The IGF and the game.

   Today, I submitted my 3rd revision of the game. I noticed a glitch in level 5 and decided to fix it, and send the new version to the IGF's FTP server. You will notice that some of the levels are the same as in previous builds, and that there are actually no JRPG levels (a top down JRPG style world)  in this demo. The reason for this, is because I wanted to demo the platforming, and the  platforming mechanics, for the IGF. The JRPG elements are more for the story and moving the plot forward.
This is not a complete Demo as there is no music added yet. My music man is working on it and it will be added as soon as its ready.
The actual retail game that will be released in 2012 is being worked on in 3 stages. Stage 1 is to get the IGF Demo ready by building levels that will be utilized in the demo and full version of the game. Stage 2 is to put the story elements of the game together. This means building the JRPG top down sections of the game. (Over World). The 3rd and final stage, is putting the two parts together and testing them. Once these three stages are complete the game moves into beta testing and glitch repairs.
This has been a labor of love, and an amazing experience. I know that the game, might not look like the next Mario or Metroid, and that it looks a little rough around the edges, but this is my first and hopefully not last game. I've got other ideas that I'm dying to try out and show. If this game does't impress you let me know. I want to hear feedback the good and the bad. If many people think this is a feasible idea, and one that should be explored further, I will work harder at  perfecting the game.   

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Almost There

Almost ready for IGF submission. Thank God we could make it. Tonight is Narration recording and inputting it into the actual game. I just spent the last week re-doing all the art and sprites. The game has a revised and cleaner look to it. Music is in the works and when the IGF You Tube link is up I will post it to the blog. This has been a long and challenging road. But for only 6 weeks of work this is pretty good, so says my music man, who has also doubled as my play tester. I think once the results of the IGF come in and the subsequent public demo release I will think about switching to Unity for competing the game. Game Maker is a great testing ground for new game ideas. I think one of the biggest insperations into trying Game Maker for me was watching and trying Desktop Dungeons, a last year IGF winner. Try the free version, that was the version entered into the IGF. That's all for now.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Back and Ready to POST!

Well it has been a long while since I posted on this blog. I guess fill you all in on what I have been up to. As you can see I have changed the blogs name. This is because in the last four and a half weeks I have been producing a game. This is the fruits of my labor. Check out my games trailer.
Creating Games is fun as hell, can be frustrating at times, but generally it is very enjoyable. I will keep up to date with this blog now. I will post news about the development of the game as it happens.
Main Menu

In the first encampment.
The Platforming and Puzzle elements