Sunday, October 16, 2011

Almost There

Almost ready for IGF submission. Thank God we could make it. Tonight is Narration recording and inputting it into the actual game. I just spent the last week re-doing all the art and sprites. The game has a revised and cleaner look to it. Music is in the works and when the IGF You Tube link is up I will post it to the blog. This has been a long and challenging road. But for only 6 weeks of work this is pretty good, so says my music man, who has also doubled as my play tester. I think once the results of the IGF come in and the subsequent public demo release I will think about switching to Unity for competing the game. Game Maker is a great testing ground for new game ideas. I think one of the biggest insperations into trying Game Maker for me was watching and trying Desktop Dungeons, a last year IGF winner. Try the free version, that was the version entered into the IGF. That's all for now.

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