Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Did You Miss Me?

Sorry to all who are following this indie dev blog, I have not been working on the game, since my big melt down due having to draw every single sprite that I used from a pack of tiles that were not licensed by my game creation software. I have been doing some work on my alternative company and I will be firing up my game creations engines once everything with that company is settled. I will probably be working on a new title and keeping the old one on the back burner again, at least until I can get my sprites all organized. Where Are You? A Tale of Love will see daylight, just not yet. I have gotten some inspiration for the game though, and will be in my free time writing up a better version of the story, along with some better level designs for the game. I will post those as the progress on that continues. I would be like a lot of the other indie devs who devote all their time to building games, but I have a family to feed and have to work other jobs... At least until this one can make me money ;)