Friday, March 23, 2012

Updates updates updates

Well, work on Where Are You? is back in full swing. I am getting my games foundations ready for the actual game build. That's right, the game is coming out of concept/prototype stage, and going into full production. To start off construction The levels in the IGF demo are being stripped and all sprites being build from the ground up. I haven't gotten any support from the community because all I've been posting on is facebook and twitter, and you know how reliable those sorts of people can be.
In other news I've entered Where Are You? into the IndieCade, this is a great opportunity to show off my creation, and get some real feedback. To help me get started on my feedback and testing, I've joined the tigsource forums for Indie Devs and have already started to get more assistance, then I could have dreamed of. Well that's all for now from me. If you want to try an updated version of the game that was updated Feb 20 in preparation to full production, click the link marked demo.

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