Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hard Start To 2012 and A Long Road Ahead

    Well, on January 10th the nominees were announced for the IGF. Sadly though, Where Are You? was not selected. For me this was OK, as the game is no wheres near ready to be shown to the public as a fully functional game. Also to keep in mind that the games, alpha and IGF demo builders were conceived, and created in under 3 months. That was a big accomplishment me. I will try again next year and see what happens. Developing games is a long, stressful and for the most part enjoyable job. I will continue to develop Where Are You? and work on my secret project on the side.
   I  must also say congratulations to Tom Francis creator of Gunpoint and Kan Gou creator of To The Moon for their nominations in the IGF. Good Luck to them.
   In other news, I am sorry to report that Where Are You? Episode1 will not be released this month. Development of the game was going along as scheduled, until I hit a wall. A week and a half ago while compiling the games data a total system failure occurred. Apparently the water cooler that was cooling my CPU had a faulty seal on the water cooler block. This seal failed when the CPU heavy task of compiling was started, causing the closed water cooling system to leak onto the CPU and Mobo. This in turn fried the CPU, and Mobo. I then set out to replace the 2 parts. After getting replacement parts and finally changing everything out, another problem presented itself, the computer wont post.... $(^% So now I am in the process of solving this other problem.
You may be wondering what this has to do with the game, well this has everything to do with the game. My latest build of the games continuing levels are saved on the systems hard drives and because of the failure happening during compiling, I am yet to know the damage that may have been done to the games data. So needless to say I am a little worried about the state of the game.
   At the very least the game will be released mid to late February... I hope. Well I must return to my teaching, I carry the weight of 3 jobs plus a family. Until next post.

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