Thursday, August 25, 2011

A long road ahead.

I realize that developing 3 games at the same time is a long and tedious task. In the last month I made a multiple wave TD game with only one level and two towers. It is still a work in progress and this is nothing like what the final product will be. I am yet to get the AI to attach the Towers yet.  

This is the results of 3 hours of work on a platformer. Much like the TD game this is just a base level to test the movement of the character, and the access-ability of the platforming. I am very happy to have this much done.

To me this has been a great accomplishment. I have spent months thinking about what I wanted to do and learning basics of the coding. Finally I said fuck it I'm just going to go for it and see what happens. Now that I've got some of the ground work down I can start to pick up speed on the construction of the levels and work on the stories for each of the games.

I want to make these games the best they can be and I want everyone who plays them to really enjoy them and get something from them.... Well that is wishful thinking. I should just focus on getting them finished. 

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