Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sony Cut Down On NGP Hardware To Reach Desired Price

While designing the NGP, the design team had one most important lesson in mid: the PlayStation 3 was an impressive piece of hardware at launch but its high price tag caused it to fall behind both Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

“I can't talk about a definitive price at this stage,” SCEI's senior VP of product development, Shuhei Yoshida said. “But since the very beginning we had a target in mind. So, when considering various features, we always had our price range in mind.”
“There were elements that we found pretty cool, but had to set aside to remain on target. It's a big lesson we learnt from the PS3. There's no point putting everything you want into a device and doing the math later. We always had the price and consumer in mind. We had to sell something that people could buy.”
But that doesn’t mean that the NGP will sell for $150 since Sony “can't sell the NGP for the same price as a PSP” which retails currently for $169.99 but may see a price drop before the NGP launches. A reasonable upper bound for the NGP’s price might be Nintendo’s 3DS price of $250.

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