Thursday, February 17, 2011

Samsung Galaxy

So you want to buy a tablet pc and you are stuck between a Galaxy Tab and the ever popular iPad, well if you want to break from the mold and go against the flow the Galaxy Tab is for you, but please don't expect amazing performance from this little tablet. After having a short hands on time with the tab I realized how clunky the OS actually is. Honeycomb or Android 3.0 is very nice looking but doesn't have the smoothness of the Apple mobile  OS. Though the OS felt clunky and not as conviniant their were some nice features to the Galaxy. For example a 1Ghz Dual core, a crisp 8mp camera, G4 network support, HD video support and the one thing that all tablets are trying to say is that they have flash support. This is great because the iPad still lacks the flash support. Even with all this the tech works great with the Galaxy, but it just isn't that sexy and handy. It's like saying I have a 6 core i7 cpu and 16 GB of Ram and dual GTX 560's but I am running dos for all my apps.... That would suck.
Bottom line for this tablet. If you want to get something that is not Apple but is also not Microsoft get the Galaxy Tab, just don't complain about the limited apps and clunky OS. Our recommendation is still the iPad.

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