Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back again

For the last month I have been learning how to make games in Unreals UDK, Maya, 3D Game Maker, and Game Maker 8. I finally finished a basic level for a sample platformer last night, and am excited to have been the one to have made it. I am hoping that this knowledge will blossom into something that I can publish in the future. I am focusing my game making skills in Game Maker 8. After trying the trial software I bought the software engine for my first project. Now I need to decide what game type to make. The game makers tools are extremely basic and easy to use and the coding is simplified in the GUI. I discovered last night that the yo-yo ltd group has a 3D construction tool on their website and in powerful enough to make good looking models for games. I will study how to us it tonight and post pictures on the blog when I have made my first model.

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